Back in March of 1998, Amanda and I got 3rd row tickets to see Radiohead at Fair Park Music Hall.  We laid on the floor of the neighborhood Kroger's, where we stood in line for 3 hours without sleep and suffering from extreme dehydration (too much cheap booze the night before!) but toughed it out and we soon had beautiful teal and purple tickets in our hands.

Before too long, it was time for the show and being the cunning geniuses we are, we decided to get there early to try to meet the band.  Mind you, this was at the height of their fame, and we knew it wasn't likely. But we gave it the old team spirit and lo and behold it worked. Well, pretty much.

The loading gate was open behind the building, so we walked through that to see if a stage door was open.  Nope, everything was locked.   The only thing we could even get near was the loading dock.  So we looked at each other, threw our shoulders back, heads held high, and walked straight up the ramp where English roadies were sweating and toiling over that night's equipment.  One guy stopped us on our way in and asked if he could help us.  I said no. He didn't bother us again.

So we ran to the backstage dressing rooms, found the women's bathroom, and nearly shat ourselves laughing.  We grabbed their schedule for the day off of a door too. I still have it somewhere.

We found seats in the back of the hall, on the bottom level, and watched them set up the stage.  I ventured out at one point for a cigarette, climbing onstage and through the roadies again.  We made friends with the guy barbequeing for the roadies too.  In the middle of the conversation, I looked over and saw that Amanda was completely pale and about ready to die. So I looked where her eyes were diverted to, and found Jonny Greenwood walking by.  And then I heard a little peep of a "hi Johnny" come from her direction.  It was so priceless.

We sat through their soundcheck and heard them write a couple of new songs.  Thom told Jonny he was playing like he was in Blue Oyster Cult and Jonny gave him the stare. It was hilarious. Ed pretended to play cricket near our seats. I stood up to shake his hand at one point and nearly had an orgasm because he was far more beautiful in real life and his hands were so soft. Ah. Ed O'Brien.  Phil came by and gave us a nice bald smile.  No Colin.  All day long Amanda and I were singing "gimme gimme Colin Greenwood" to the tune of "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment".  My, we are clever girls sometimes, aren't we?

Our mistake of the day came when, during soundcheck, they were doing "Paranoid Android" and we were so moved by their performance that we clapped. Duh. really? You guys think this is a good song? Aww gosh, thanks, really. Stupid Stupid Stupid.  Their manager came back to us and asked us who we were and we made some excuse like we were with a zine blah blah, and he almost kicked us out but didn't. He looks like Elvis Costello too. I love that man for letting us stay there the remainder of the time.

Also, the only other person in the room besides Radiohead, their manager, and us, was Jason Pierce. Staring at us for a long time while we just sat there. Scary.

The show was good but the crowd sucked, and Thom was a nice one and came out and said hi to fans. That was cute. The manager gave us after party passes to hang out but we couldn't find the hotel. Figures.

So that's my story.

here's jonny


thom york-ey

can't get the stink out