virgos merlot. they have no eyes! what badasses!!
Virgos Merlot. Avoid them like the plague.
Virgos Merlot

Now here's a little band from Birmingham, Alabama, that I keep running into.

Encounter I: The Vortex, Atlanta, GA. Amanda and I attempt to eat lunch in peace before heading to Music Midtown. They are also in there eating. They are annoying and have slutty girl in tow that laughs loudly. I notice their eyes from across the room and just marked them up as bad subculture fashion victims.
See them later that day, playing the slot on the 96 Rock stage after Trinket. Yuck. Run away!

Encounter II: They opened for Buckcherry at Trees in Dallas in May, 1999. Had to endure their set. Could best describe it as a sub-Orgy Orgy. Imagine if 5 Brian Yeomans went goth. Not a pretty picture.
Favorite quote of the night: "My girlfriend got a tattoo of a target on her crotch."
Okay Beavis, heh heh, cool.

Encounter III: Opening for Buckcherry at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. Are trying to pick up on underage girls in halter tops. Drinking lots of canned beer. Charming lads.

Encounter IV: Opening for Buckcherry at Deep Ellum Live. Soundsystem is loud and accentuates every bleep their keyboard makes. Onstage jabber is at it's height:
Guitarist: I saw some guy out there giving us the bird. Where are you? Come on, show your face.
Frat Boy: <waves hands in the air>
Guitarist: Uh huh. Go on and do that again. You're just jealous because we're five good looking men and we're going to get more pussy tonight than you.
Man, you showed us! Sadly, he was probably right because the last I saw of them, they were walking towards Club Clearview with about 10 girls in skimpy outfits. I think my favorite guitarist had his girl stolen from him by Yogi though, so that was funny. A redneck goth cries tonight.
They scare me! I want out!