Here I am, being clever and all, making a dumb addition of a photo page while I should be working. These took forever to scan at Erin's the other night, so you had better appreciate the toil that went into it.
First off, we have pictures from two weekends ago...
Liquid Lounge, 14 January, 2000. The Who Cover Band final show.

    (l-r) Erin, Amanda, and Me.
(I'm red because vodka makes me that way.)

Johnny, Cawdi (sp?), and Amanda.
    Next night, Curtain Club, Ch-Ch-Chomsky.
    Amanda with Sean Chomsky.
    And then Amanda with Glen Chomsky.
Me, Angie (my sister), Erin, and Amanda. I never knew we could look so fresh-faced.
Angie and Amanda.
Me and Amanda trying to dance like All Saints. Yes, VERY flattering.

Me, Angie, Erin, and Amanda on those beloved side staged steps to Deep Ellum Live
Now, get back to work! Or if you feel like struedelling around some more, email me.