7 Weener (Weezer cover band) Club Clearview, Dallas, TX Nothing like throwing your fists in the air during a cover of "Pink Triangle" to rejuvenate that inner dork within.
8 Chomsky/Go Metric USA Satellite Dish, Ft. Worth, TX Chomsky were like a better, happier Superdrag. Mitch Greer's car almost got towed during Go Metric's set but George saved the day by running out and getting rid of the cop.
14 Triprocket Club Clearview, Dallas, TX Third-rate Garbage meets Meredith Brooks. A hot item for the mid-life crisis brigade of DFW. RIYL Republica.
19 Henry Rollins Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX Sat on floor of club for three hours laughing hysterically at everything Hank had to say. He is brilliant, witty, and down-to-earth. I am more than impressed. And he's short too! He's probaby 5'9" at the most.
23 Loveswing, ? 396 Galaxy Club, Dallas, TX The first all ages show I've ever been to. We were actually in the car longer than the time we were in the venue. Terrible. Every one of Love Swing's songs sounded like Van Halen's "Panama" and the second band were just your average NOFX sounding punk band. At least parking was cheap and metered.