2 Go Metric USA/Subsonics Wreck Room, Ft. Worth, TX Played after the annual FWWeekly awards. I'm going to have to say that this was probably the best set they've ever played. The time they've taken off has really worked to their advantage. Good job guys!
Subsonics were so fine. They're from Atlanta and the drummer is a girl that plays standing up. And Who covers! it was so fun.
4 Go Metric USA Curtain Club, Dallas, TX Favorite part of the night was when drunken redneck loudly proclaimed "I didn't know Andy Kaufman was the lead singer of the band!"
6 Bicycle Thief/Valve Trees, Dallas, TX Good. Valve played the Buckley cover again. Yay!
9 Elliott Smith/No. 2 Trees, Dallas, TX I saw Elliott Smith at a urinal. Truly one of those more scarring experiences of my life. But the show was beautiful and I ended up crying and did a lot of soul-searching. Yeah, one of those cliched sort of moments.
10 Sleater-Kinney/Versus/Go Metric USA Trees, Dallas, TX Aside from it just being an oddly billed show, it was fantastic. Go Metric got even BETTER (Lindsay was so cute bobbing around!) and Sleater-Kinney were really good. Corrin's warblings really bothered me but Carrie did lots of windmills and that was impressive.
13 Chomsky Q's Blackout Lounge, Dallas, TX They're catchier than malaria. And do I love them for that fact? Why Yes! I do. Though "Beware the fury of a HAITIAN man" would be a better lyric.
17 Flaming Lips/Grand Mal/Captain Audio Trees, Dallas, TX Captain Audio - Brilliant.
Grand Mal - Rock and Roll! I dig.
Flaming Lips - headsets, puppets, confetti, a gong, a film strip, and a packed house. And the first live show they've played in 2years. I am a lucky lucky girl. It was so beautiful.  Also met a gang of Oklahomans who were cute and cool and we stayed up late listening to Love.
18 Valve Club Clearview, Dallas, TX More fun with our friends. $1 drink night and cute music.
25 Can't remember Club Clearview, Dallas, TX We thought Chomsky were playing, but we were a night off. So we ended up watching a hardcore high school band do a cover of "Reading Rainbow" and figured that the three of us combined paid $25 to get in and all that we came out with was a free Eve6 CD that I won from the Edge. Just tie me to the bedpost!!
29 Go Metric USA Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX New Wave Go-Go Boys make any show better. The first three hours were taken up by crappy Emo bands, so I started in on Manics propaganda and changed outfits twice. And Cullen did as obeyed - keep on keepin' on.