Rick Springfield, Marvelous 3, Everclear, Tender Idols, Iggy Pop

Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Rick Springfield - how do you look so good after all these years? Brown leather suits could never look so good on anyone else.
Marvelous 3 - how on earth does such a cute power pop band put on such a rocking show? Answer me this! Quite honestly one of the best shows entertainment-wise I've seen in AGES. I highly reccomend you check this band out!
Everclear - why on earth did I recognize every one of their songs? They all sound the same and my god, what drab.
Tender Idols - Atlanta mod? Oh yes! Although it's none of Dallas's own "mod nouveau" it's killer.
Iggy Pop - Good, although he should drop the mock Petra backing band. I hear that  a girl I hate in Georgia met him backstage and offered him some Xanax. What an idiot!

1 Smithereens Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle is just the coolest club I've ever been to. It's the old House of Blues and everything is handpainted and ornate. I would love to get married there. The Smithereens were good, though it was way more entertaining to scam a free drink off of an old guy that told me he could "give me the world". Just using my noodle.
2 B*Witched, Buckcherry Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA B*Witched are THE scariest band I've ever seen. Yes, moreso than the Misfits. One of them (the blonde one) hurt her knee so she couldn't dance. Feck! The other three bobbed around like three year olds that snorted pixie sticks while watching Mousercize.
Buckcherry. How different their show is when the sun is beating down on your skin. And to see them in the daylight? It threw me for a loop but they started with "Dirty Mind" and that always does me in. Josh brought his daughter out on his shoulders for the last song. She is the cutest little girl I've ever seen.
2 Buckcherry Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA Second time in one day to see the boys in action and they were as wonderful as ever. Yogi got busy afterwards with anyone who would talk to him long enough and Keith was best buds with our own Tommy for the night.
6 Buckcherry Billy Blues, Houston, TX Back in Houston and more Buckcherry. Found out when we got to Instant Karma that the venue was changed to the Blues bar for a private radio party, but we still got in on the list and made friends with the nicest couple in Houston (hi Lisa!) and scared the living hell out of some 17 year old girls in front of us that wouldn't stop talking throughout their set. Josh was the nicest I had ever seen him and we had lots of fun goofing off after the show. I love those guys!
7 Virgos Merlot, Oleander, Buckcherry Trees, Dallas, TX A sold out show! Amanda and I got there early for the label pizza party and watched too many frat kids filter in to hear "that cocaine song". It was hell. I got my head kicked in by scary Oleander fans and threw spitballs at Oleander's lead singer. Buckcherry were good, with the exception of blood oozing down Keith's face from when he knocked himself in the face with the neck of his guitar during a solo. He went to the hospital right after the show and hopefully he'll be okay. 
8 Marvelous 3, Collective Soul River Oaks West Festival, Tulsa, OK Butch Walker is the biggest sweetheart in the world and I am his biggest fan, if nothing else than for the fact that he not only got Amanda and me into the festival for FREE, but with LAMINATES! Modern Rock Hell, yes, but we drank free cokes and coffee until we were about to puke and watched lots of kids suffering from overhead crowd surfers in the front of the crowd. (Although it was almost as painful side stage with the Collective Soul roadies!) Marvelous 3 were great just like before. It's nice to see people actually enjoying themselves in front of people. Slug had the coolest two-tone deck shoes I've ever seen.  Collective Soul got like four songs into their set before someone hit the lead singer in the head with a bottle and they walked off the stage. What a buzzkill. The day was saved when a local band got up and took over and did the greatest version of "Free Bird" that I've ever seen. Instead of a guitar, they used a theremin. A bitchin' day in all.
10 Rock-A-Teens, Man...Or Astroman? Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX By far the most entertaining Indie show I've seen. A modern day Devo with surf guitar. They set their helmets on fire! They had a lightning shooting tesla coil! They had a big fake mainframe computer! They had coveralls! How can you beat that?
12 Buckcherry Boar's Head, Oklahoma City, OK Looks like Amanda will be able to get in this time. Will meet up with friends before hand, including the cutest Alex James look-a-like in Oklahoma. Big fun ahead.

updated May 11