before they got boring
Life Without Jesus is BLURred

Cotton Club
Atlanta 1997

Pictures from the great Hoax journey in March 1997. When they still had spunk and weren't so serious.
The Dandy Warhols ...
getcha getch getcha

"W-A-R": It's a Fast Driving Rave-Up With the DANDY WARHOLS!

Featuring live pictures from their 1997 tour of Texas.

Kula Shaker

revolution for fun


They like Yes! They like stripes! Jay's mom is cool! They are Kula Shaker, and at one point in my life they were IT.
Matt Sharp
he is so fly, I want to crawl all over him

Matt Sharp

Bassist for Weezer, Moog wizard for the Rentals. And he's friends with Graham Coxon.


Freemasons and Roses
The Point
Atlanta 1998/1999

I finally got to see Sloan live - and then again. They are my favorite band on earth.
Chris Murphy is a jerk.
he missed his girlfriend


Cute little English band that happened to play at the Cotton Club one night while we were in Atlanta. Made friends with infamous Ifan, ate Egg Rolls and watched SWF. I got some kickin' live shots including when Will smashed up his Cort.


leeeeuuuww lueewww


Yes, you may question my borderline sanity, but this band understands the importance of making music to have fun to. And they're actually super sweet guys.