hagop and wojtek Hagop and Wojtek. I don't believe any other sort of description is neccesary.

wojtek, ross, and joe Wojtek looking like he's about to scream "We are borg!", Ross doing what Ross does best, and Joe not being the "ladies man" (to quote the press).

ross cummins The Illuminati strikes the stage of the Cotton Club. Yowzah.

will This is the same guy who, after seeing the scene in SWF where she throws the spike heel into the guy's eye, proclaimed "That makes me hungry for Taco Bell". I love Will.

wojtek, Boo-Yah, and Ifan Hanging outside after the show with Wojtek, Boo-Yah, and Ifan (who subsequently is my favorite movie star).

All pictures were taken by me, or one of my friends. Please do not take my pictures (stealing is bad!). If you want to use any of these, all you have to do is ask. Okay? I get surly when I think someone is trying to pull one over on me.