once upon a time there was a young girl named chrissy.

she liked to flit about and have a busy social calendar. liked to be a little on the ... well, irresponsible side, and didn't think too much about the consequences.

stupid things kept happening to her. partially due to life's little ironies and partially due to her stupidity.

so she decided to minimalize her life and start taking steps to live up to that potential that everyone around her kept telling her she had.

she's on her way. and in the meantime, the young girl named chrissy realized that she was no longer a young girl, but an actual woman. scary.

so the website goes back up. yes, her demographic will more than likely change. yes, she realizes that a lot of people might think that she sucks now or that she's nowhere near as exciting as she used to be. however late these thoughts may keep her up at night, she can't help wanting to jump start her site from its curb-side death and see if the ride won't go just a little smoother.

(even though she won't shy away from a few little bumps in the road.)