September 14, 1999




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My bout of unemployment was a short one.  I secured myself a job last week and I'll start this Thursday.  It's a jump from what I was doing - I'll be waitressing at a seafood restaurant.  Quite different from sitting behind a desk all day pretending to work, but I'm affable and think that I'll do a decent job of conning people out of their money in the name of gratuities.   Plus I won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to work on time.  I'll get to sleep in!  I'll get to work late!  That's more of my style. I pray the tips will make ends meet though.  It's scary to put myself at the mercy of others for how much money I'll walk away with everyday, but this will be more fun.  Also, when I start back to college (for real) I can take classes early in the day and arrange my work schedule around that, so I won't have to take any night courses and slack off.   Something I should have done in the first place.

Getting back in the swing of things in Whitesboro wasn't too bad after my weekend of flitting about like a miniature social butterfly.  I was sick on Sunday and Mom made me stay in bed all day so I wouldn't get any worse.  And when I say that I stayed in bed, I really did lie there all day watching tv.  I sat through Twin Town, some Charlatans videos, the Brit Awards 97, and all of Braveheart.  A nice day of being completely anti-social.  I was feverish the whole time and had laryngitis, so it wasn't like I was being lazy on purpose. 

Carolyn found a new cat yesterday in the yard, so we named it Eliza.  She wanted to name it Mick, but the kitten is female, so Eliza it is.  I don't know why we are keeping it, because noone in our family actually likes cats, but at the same time noone is heartless enough to turn it away.  So Eliza will stay outside with Nico and they'll have to be territorial and catty (har har). 

Why am I talking about cats? Am I this bored? uhhh...sorry guys. I won't lame out on you like that again.

So I'm reading this really retarted book that I checked out from the library.   It's about Lady Green and Gawain, but it's a modern day story, and it's so bad I can barely stand it.  It mentions the words "loins" and "supple breasts" too much for my taste.  And it's also written from the view point of a woman, and a very liberated man-hating one at that. Yeah, I am sure you can imagine how fine this piece of literature really is.

I am going to buy a car in a month or so, hopefully. And then move to Dallas.  If you know any girl with a cool record collection that doesn't smoke out, have too many pets, and is overall not there most of the time (and won't be pissed off that I'm not there either), can you suggest that we share rent?  I am wanting one of those old houses with hardwood floors and painted walls. No more apartments.  To the roommate, wherever you may exist, it would be nice if we could share some clothes, will drink your own coca-cola (and not mine), won't have miniature crises about your boyfriend(s), and if you could be an Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, or Aquarius that would be ideal. Thank you.

Today I watched PeeWee's Playhouse. God I LOVE THAT SHOW!! I renamed my laptop from Beckham to Conky, after my favorite robot. It comes on the Fox Family network in the afternoon, right before Oggy and the Cockroaches. Go back and watch it. It's so funny. I also watched Dallas on TNN today. Bobby and Priscilla walked in to RH Dedman hospital! I recognized it! I love that show, for the glossy lips, nice hair, big cars, and landmarks that I barely recognize because they've changed so much since the 80s.  When I was a kid, I went to work with my mom once and they were shooting an episode of the show in her office building downtown. I saw the tops of Larry Hagman's and Victoria Principal's heads. It was pretty cool.


Listening To

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Introducing

Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic

Of Montreal - The Gay Parade

The Deathray Davies - Drinking With the Grown-Ups and Listening to Jazz

Quote of the Day
"I want a book that will teach me to speak Mexican. Like when you go to Spain, you talk Spanish. I want to talk like a Mexican."
-- very blue-collar fellow at the Sherman Public Library.