September 26, 1999


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don't be sad paul. i still love you.It's been a while since I've updated this, so it might be kind of a long entry. Sorry folks.

First up, I want to thank Deidre and Brandon for having me crash over at their ghetto pad.   Which I thought was cute, but thankfully Deidre wants to move from Euless...

Which leads me to my next point that I found roommates!! And they're not just warm bodies that I'll learn how to tolerate -- it's Deidre and Brandon.   Yay!  We drove around on Friday looking for houses in Dallas to rent, and we have a couple of good ones in mind. One is probably too expensive for us, but we can dream of living in our gothic hardwood fairytale land, can't we? The other one is like less than a block down from the London Tavern. Which is good and bad. We are all going to avoid DWIs, but will also be a bunch of penniless lushes. Okay, like we aren't anyways?

But I'm so excited that I'm getting them as my housemates.  Deidre and I went to junior high together and never talked, but we have like everything in common now.  We are into different types of guys (she likes Brett and I like Bernard) so that will never present a problem when watching late night videos.  We have the same tastes in decorating.  We both like to splurge too much on CDs. This will work nicely.

Brandon is wonderful too.  He's the cutest gay boy around and the fact that he'll argue that the Pet Shop Boys can indeed "rock" amuses me to no end.  Also, his crush on John Dulfiho is so something we all can comprehend, and it makes him just that much more endearing to me.

She's an Aries and he's a Gemini. So for those of you into astrology you'll know that I get along with both of those magically. Yay!

I had a really great weekend. On Thursday night, Amanda picked me up and we drove to Rubber Gloves in Denton (everyone's favorite city) and met Deidre and her friend Joe up at the Fury III show. For some reason the set was almost droney, but I am guessing it was Denton just taking it's effect on Steve.  Wanz showed up for the last couple of songs and even said "good show" so you know it was a sign that it was the place to be for the night.

I sold Centromatic albums to David Sandy, some kid that went to High School with me. He was bragging about being in two really crappy bands, Captain Tug and Glam, and was seeing if I remembered him from that. Actually, I just remember his weasely walk down upstairs E-hall, but I will never forget the time I had to walk out of Glam's final show at the Orbit Room because it was just that bad. So yes, I remember Glam. Ugh.

I also had a nice chat with Brad (?) from Baboon and Weener. Who now has Matt Sharp's shirt from the cover of 'Weezer'. That striped one!! He got it from a guy in Denton who stole it from girl who stole it from Matt Sharp's ex-girlfriend who stole it from Matt.   He said it was a nice Land's End shirt and the sleeves were kind of long but otherwise it fits fine. God, I cannot wait to someday see that shirt.

Steve and I made plans to definitely see Elvis Costello in a couple of weeks. I am totally stoked on going with someone who has seen Costello with the Attractions in the heydey of their fame. I was in diapers and playing with blocks while he was going to shows. Weird.

I worked yesterday and today and the tips have started not really rolling in, but filtering in. Any cash flow at this point time is fully appreciated.  I am schedule to work on Thursday night which is NO GOOD because Amanda confirmed that the two of us were guestlisted for the Buckcherry show. At Starplex!! How can I miss being on the guestlist? Especially when they gave their only two slots to us!? I'm not. So I'm going to see if someone can trade shifts with me or something. I need the money but I really miss those boys. And the next night is Marvelous 3. Yay! It's going to be a fun rock and roll weekend. Pending my work schedule.

However, one thing has really brought me down for the past few days. And that's the fact that Kula Shaker have broken up. I'm honestly REALLY upset by this.  I can't believe something that I'm so far removed from has gotten me this sad, but it has.  I am really mad at myself that I missed the last mini-tour because I was so broke and unemployed.  Serves me right for being such a slacker.  Argh.  So tonight I'm having a Wake for Kula Shaker, listening to K and the singles that I have left after being robbed. I used to have everything they'd ever put out at one point.  Grr. Mope mope mope.

So to Jay, Alonza, and Paul (yes, who I am still swooning over) good luck to all of you and I wish you the best. To Crispian: Hope those "winds of change" are worth sacrificing your career over. </tongue biting> I'm going to be nice. Really I am. I don't know anything about why this happened, so I'll just keep my mouth shut. But still ... sigh. 

I'm going to end this before I start to sound overly obsessive. Oh, go pick up the new Sloan album. If you don't, you suck. If in Dallas, head to CD World to get one. Carlos can hook you up like the madman he is and if you're going to get an indie album you might as well go to an indie store and do the whole thing the right way. I am just trying to get Carlos extra money so he can see Sloan with us. It's my public gesture for the night. As far as the album is concerned, I love it and although Amanda said it was more like the Rundgren to the Iggy of Navy Blues, Andrew writes some fab tunes and so does Jay and Patrick.

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