September 10, 1999 (email to list)




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Hey hey you say! I am slacking off for a few days and not updating my site AT ALL. Ah, world come crashing down! Erin's being a sweetie and I'm staying with her for a few nights to party hearty and sleep in her roommate's bed while she's in Nevada. I'm having so much fun already, and I only got here yesterday. I think spending time out in hicksville has raised my appreciation for the basic aspects of Dallas life. if I ever start bitching about how boring this place canget, remind me of Whitesboro, okay? K.

So yesterday I spent a few hours helping Steve mailout demos to indie labels for Fury III while listening to John Lee Hooker and obscure mod one hit wonders. After that, I waited for Erin at CD World and had (as usual) a delightful conversation with Crusty from alocal punk band. After finding out that I now live near Lake Texoma, he tried to see if I could have him over for dinner with my family this weekend so we could get away from it all. He really said this! Canyou believe the gall of a short smelly tattooed punk with a jeri curl? If you ever meet him, you will know this is stationary behavior for him, otherwise just trust me on the fact that the guy is slime to the most radioactive degree.

Erin met me up there, I gave the normal reactionary middle finger salute to Crusty on the way out, and we went back to Erin's apt to eat pizza and watch She's All That with Shelly. Very fun girl time. Then we went down to Clearview to see Deathray Davies and Chomsky. We found Amanda when we got there and I was looking for Deidre (hi!) who I have mentioned before on here - she and I went to Jr. High together and never really knew each other, but we have like everything in common now and she is my new bestest buddy on earth. After the Deathray Davies (who are fantastic and clever and all that music should be! God I cannot stop loving them ever. And the name! That alone kills me) set, Deidre and her roommate Brandon came over and said hi and for the next few minutes our corner of the room was exploding with hyperactivity.It was great. I think I have met my match with Brandon for the Captain Wildchild title. He can dance like Bez! He is so nice! I heart him so much. And Deidre is so sweet and funny and we're all going to hang tonight at Rubber Gloves for another night of Deathray Davies and Chomsky, along with Legendary Crystal Chandelier.A good night to be a local in Dallas.

I used to really hate the local scene, but I honestly think it's never been better than it is right now.Maybe it stems from the fact that I know a lot of the people, maybe just from the fact that I am living in BFE with a limited CD collection and only old music videos to keep me in tune with the music world out there, but the fact that there are mod influenced bands in the area never ceases to boggle my empty little head.

I got a really cute skirt at the Gap today. It has a velcro latch on it. And the hem goes right below my knees. That's been my personal thrill for the day. Aside from the fact that there are auditions for the Real World at Planet Hollywood today. I wish I would have known about it, because I think i could stand a decent chance of being selected. And lord knows how much my ego would love having a camera on it all day.Yeah, I'm vain. I admit it.

I've been listening to a profuse amount of belle and sebastian lately. My CDs came in from Columbia House and If You're Feeling Sinister was one of my selections, and how happy am I to have it back? I don't like The Boy with the Arab Strap NEARLY as much.So it's been a few days of "Sinister" for me. I can see a definite effect of making me feel quieter,meloncholy and dramatic, but I'd rather be that way than trashy from listening to too much Buckcherry. As much as I love Buckcherry. I also got Of Montreal's "Gay Parade" and hot damn it's so cute you have to go pick up a copy of it right now.

I'm going to see Billy Preston in a few hours. Time to see if Erin's ready to head to the mall...xox chrissy

ps sorry this was so long but I don't have a lot of time to write anyone, and this list includes anyone who's anyone so kisses and mmmmwah to you all.

La La Love you