September 18, 1999




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The weekend is here and there's absolutely nothing of interest going on in my life. I am not socializing with anyone. Not going out to see a show.  Not even going shopping. I've been WORKING. Which is okay, but I sure am not used to this working in the evenings thing. However it lets me loaf around all day, which I really like. So the trade-off is there.

oct99.gif (39292 bytes)Yesterday I got off work early and went to the mall, and found the new CMJ with Joshua Todd Gruber on the cover. I realize this was the only real familiar face in the entire town. What a sad realization. I really can't wait to get back to Dallas.

After work tonight I went back to the same Camelot Music store at the same mall and found the new A.P. with a big Buckcherry fasion suit.  My, my, Yogi is looking like a reject from the Velvet Goldmine casting call more and more everyday, isn't he?  No dissing the Yogster. Only love for Lonich.

I did get the new tour dates for Sloan, and wa-hey am I excited or what!? I promptly emailed my girlfriends here in Dallas to organize the seasonal roadtrip to Atlanta, and so far I've heard back from Katie, Amanda and Deidre with positive responses. Erin, you got my mail, right?  I would love to pull another all-nighter driving if possible, stopping at that wonderful Waffle House in Vicksburg, Mississippi for some fuel for the belly.  And Sloan! God I miss Sloan! November 13 won't come soon enough.

In other news, I've decided I'm in love with Steve Marriott. Except he's dead.   That house fire really got in the way of a neverending love affair that could have been.  Any boy with that hair cut and those hips just is asking to be loved by me.  

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